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Hooked - App Habit Tracker

Developer: IntelliPro

Are you a phone addict? Get the breakdown of your daily app usage with Hooked, the app habit tracker. You can:• See how much time you spend using each app• Monitor how many app notifications you get• Compare your stats against the average app user• Hide apps you don’t want to track
Hooked gets you the crucial data that helps you modify your behavior and get organized. Every day Hooked shows you which apps you use the most. You may be surprised to learn how much time you’re spending on social networks or playing games.
Check your app usage regularly to:
• Identify patterns in your daily app habits to see if you’re addicted• Set limits on the time you spend using apps and monitor your progress• Order the apps on your homescreen by usage for easier access• Delete apps you never use to save space• Share your stats with friends for a little competition and fun!
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Check out our App Privacy Policy for more details on what information Hooked collects about you and how it’s used.